Time-Lapse Full-Size McLaren 720S Built Out Of LEGOS

Ever since the invention of LEGOS, there have been countless videos of people building extraordinary things entirely out of LEGOS. All kinds of cool stuff has been built out of LEGOS, which is just amazing knowing how many hours actually have to go into building these types of things. Although most of the time LEGO builds aren’t functional as the real thing, it’s still fun to see!

In this video, a full size McLaren 720S can be seen being built by a team in a time-lapse. It took a total of 2,000 man hours to complete which is just CRAZY but then again, they built a full-size car out of tiny LEGOS so it makes sense. The finished product is really awesome and literally looks identical to the McLaren 720S in every way. We imagine a lot of math and science was involved in the making of this project to get the proportions just right, especially if you’re trying to get it as realistic as possible. This looks like a really fun and cool project and would be awesome to build any full-size car out of LEGOS. What do you think about it? Thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!