Ram To Debut Mid-Size Truck Concept at Dealerships in March 2023

While everyone recognizes Ram as being a big contender for producing full-size pickup trucks to rival the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado, one area where it has been absent is the mid-size truck market. While nearly every other brand like Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota, and even Jeep with its Gladiator, Ram has been missing out on an opportunity to conquer this demographic.

However, that doesn’t mean that Ram execs are unaware of the situation. Much like its upcoming full-electric 1500 Revolution pickup truck, Ram does not want to rush itself into producing a midsize truck that would fall short of its standards, and it appears that a mid-size truck may be on its way… and sooner than expected.

That is because according to Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr., a mid-size pickup truck concept will be shown to dealers in March 2023.

The last time Ram produced a mid-size truck was when it flew under the Dodge flagship with the Dakota up until 2011. Now, market trends have shown that the demand for mid-size and full-size pickup trucks is at an all-time high. Even automakers like Mitsubishi and Volkswagen are looking to get their own slice of the pie.

Not much about this concept is known to the public at the moment. Because the truck will only be a concept, it is unlikely dealers will be seeing the final product. Not to mention that the platform hasn’t been revealed yet either. It is unknown whether this new Ram truck will run as an ICE, EV, or Hybrid. All that Ram fans can expect is a strong contender to rival every other mid-size truck on the market at the moment, like the Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, GMC Canyon, and Nissan Frontier.

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