Throwback: Ford Recreated Forgotten Santa & Bronco Photo From 1968


From the Bronco itself, to the image quality, to the masks these photos are so similar but yet so different.


Ford released some photos found by archivist Ted Ryan of Santa himself posing with a frozen generation Bronco in a cold-weather test facility from 1968. It’s reported that the photos were taken for a feature in the company’s internal Ford World newspaper, but were never published or seen by the public.


But with the 2021 Bronco being one of the highs of 2020 (at least in the automotive industry) Ford decided to recreate the image. The Bronco team took a Race Red 2021 Bronco, loaded it up with presents and encased in ice inside a -30 degree chamber to mimic the original. The recreation will be iconic of 2020 looking back as everyone pictured is wearing masks.

If a Bronco was on your Christmas list, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Deliveries won’t begin until Spring or Summer 2021.

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