This Woman Went The Extra Mile To Save Her Subaru

This woman from Milwaukee wasn’t going to be these carjackers’ next victim. She literally held on for dear life after a carjacker snuck into her Subaru Outback while she was at the gas station and tried to drive off with it.

Melissa Smith wasn’t going to let that happen. She instantly jumped on the hood and held on until the driver gave up and ran off, leaving the Outback rolling into the street with Smith on the hood. That’s a dedicated car owner. Local News WISN 12 reports that Smith had a reason behind jumping on the hood, “I had the thought in my head, ‘Do I go after my purse or do I stop my car? And the price tag of my car flashed through my head.” She admitted her plan probably wasn’t the smartest or safest but hey, she walked away with her car. You can check out the whole video on

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