This Twin-Turbo Ford GT Goes From 0- Almost 300 MPH At The Texas Mile

It turns out hitting the 300mph mark in a street legal car isn't unattainable anymore. M2K Motorsports proves that when this 2,500 horsepower Ford GT hits a blistering new record at the Official Texas Mile in Victoria, Texas. It started at a dead stop to a verified top speed of 293.6 miles per hour in only 5,280 feet.

This 2006 Ford GT is still based on the same 5.4-liter V-8 found in any stock GT from the last decade, but it's been revised and modified within an inch of its life. This run blasts the previous world record set by Johnny Bohmer, who hit 283.232 in the standing mile in 2012 in a similar GT.

With all the modifications done to the car it's estimated that the changes add up to at least an extra 2,035 wheel horsepower at close to 8,400 rpm. Also, that number was set with the engine running 36 psi of boost. Not too shabby considering it hit the as high as the M2K dyno would go.

The run was at the Texas Mile which is a 1.5-mile-long airstrip at Victoria Regional Airport in Victoria, Texas. The strip hosts standing-mile competitions for street cars, motorcycles, race cars, as well as land-speed vehicles.

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