This Superyacht Has Its Own Private Beach..Yep!

Seems like it’s everyday now that companies around the world create something even more outrageously extravagant than what we had yesterday. Back in the day there were your typical yachts usually owned by pretty wealthy people. Nowadays we have “superyachts” for the mega rich billionaires of the world. If a regular yacht wasn’t enough luxury, a “superyacht” will surely do the trick!

Lots of people who own yachts will drive them away to a private beach for vacation. But why do that when there’s a superyacht that has its OWN private beach? Yeah this is real! This superyacht has its own private beach in the rear of the boat where you can hangout as if you were actually at the beach. There doesn’t seem to be any sand included, which makes this only about half a beach but regardless, it’s still pretty awesome!

Price is unknown at this time but judging by the concept in the video, it probably isn’t cheap! What do you think about this superyacht? Would you like to own one? If you hit the lottery it probably would be a pretty fun boat to have! Let us know in the comments what you think about this yacht!