This Seattle Off-Ramp is a Magnet for High-Speed Car Crashes

Nearly everyone is aware of that one particular street or road where you need to be extra careful. Sometimes the curve is so tight that you cannot clearly see oncoming traffic. Sometimes there is a hill that, in the wrong hands, turns into a ramp. For drivers in Seattle, there is one particular off-ramp on I-5 that is infamous for causing many drivers to get into accidents.

A video compilation has gone viral after showcasing a series of cars scraping against a wall, skidding out, and colliding with other drivers.

The number of accidents that keep happening at this location has led many residents to wonder if the city government should examine the off-ramp as a potential safety risk.

One local driver recalls the tightness of the turn with speed limit signs labeled at 20 mph, believing many of the drivers getting into accidents were speeding and/or distracted.

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), the off-ramp had been updated in January 2021 to help improve safe driving standards. “These changes included replacing several existing signs and other devices approaching the ramp and through the curve. Safety is always our top priority, so we’re planning to continue to work together [with the Seattle Department of Transportation] to monitor this area, as we consider other potential safety enhancements.”

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