This Might Be The Worst Camaro Crash/Fail Ever

Lots of cars leaving car events tend to show off and drive pretty fast. Unfortunately a lot of drivers are either inexperienced at driving fast or just have really bad luck because it seems like a lot of people crash after car events. It’s a shame because a lot of the cars that crash are classics!

After Cars and Coffee a classic Camaro is seen leaving the event and is about to take off down the road out of a parking lot. Trying to impress all of the people in the crowd standing by, the driver decides to really give his Camaro a lot of power and really stomps on the gas down the road. Well something bad happened because the guy driving suddenly lost control and crashed straight into a fence!

When people take off after him to check out to see what happened, you see the Camaro is in shambles! Seriously there’s almost nothing left of the front end of this Camaro, it’s terrible! What’s worse is that the fence was really tangled up and stuck inside the Camaro and it took a few tries to get it free. Thankfully the driver was uninjured but the Camaro was..well..totaled! What do you think about this?