This Logging Truck Driver Crosses This Bridge Like A Champ

Truckers rejoice! This truck driver shows how it’s done by crossing an EXTREMELY narrow bridge, all while carrying a massive load of logs on the trailer. If you’ve ever tried to park in an extremely small parking lot, you know how difficult reversing and steering can be and that’s just with a regular sized vehicle! However when you’re driving a massive semi truck that’s extremely long, the risk of the tail-end crashing into something is very high if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The trucker in this video obviously knew some skills and this definitely wasn’t his first time maneuvering a logging truck through difficult places. The bridge seen in this video is not only very narrow but, yes , a bridge. You could imagine how much that semi truck carrying all those logs could possibly weigh, which could potentially cause way too much weight on the tiny bridge, ending up in a collapse. Thankfully the truck ended up making it through the impossibly narrow passageway and all was well but WHOA it was definitely pretty stressful to watch that’s for sure!

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