This Life-Size Toyota Hilux Tonka Truck Is A Toy For Adults

Kids have been playing around with Tonka trucks for years. But Toyota of Australia has made a concept version for adults. And this truck means business. It’s not your typical concept truck. It was made to handle the Outback terrain and it looks to have held up.

It’s based off the Australian Toyota Hilux pickup. This particular version is an SR5 cab that comes with a 2.8-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel. They picked the Hilux for a good reason. In 2016 it was Australia’s best-selling vehicle. The new concept is partly to celebrate that achievement, and partly just because a life-size Tonka truck is awesome.

It’s a classic black and yellow and is jam packed with off-road features. Autoblog reports that includes an increased ride height by 6”, upgraded axles, suspension and massive 35” off-road tires. It also comes with a snorkel, huge fender flares, and new hood vents. This concept comes at a good time since Tonka turns 70 in 2017 and Toyota celebrates their 80th anniversary. Would you buy one?