This Hellcat V. Truck Race Might Just Surprise You

You ask anybody who would win in a standoff: pickup vs. Hellcat and almost everyone will say, Hellcat. But this powerstroke diesel powered Ford isn’t giving up so easily.

Diesels are growing in popularity on the drag strips and for a good reason. There are some out there that are just downright quick. This Ford has some pretty basic mods and the clean white Ford F250 doesn’t really look like much of a threat. Especially when it pulls up next to a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. I mean who matched these two up?

The Hellcat is known for its respectable 707 horsepower but surprisingly, the Ford has a better time down the quarter mile! Obviously, the truck doesn’t leave the Hellcat in the dust or anything. It’s a pretty close race, but all things considered if you would’ve said a diesel can beat out a Hellcat 10 years ago, people would’ve thought you were crazy.

But this truck surprised everyone and clocked in at a full three-tenths of a second quicker than the Hellcat. So for all you truck and diesel fans out there, your time is coming! You can now brink your daily driver to the track and take home some wins.