This Distracted Motorcycle Driver Lands In A Truck Bed!

In a time where literally everyone is on their phones all the time, texting while driving, fiddling with the radio or involved in some other type of distraction, things can get pretty dangerous out there on the road. When you’re driving a motorcycle however, if you get distracted AT ALL, it can be an extremely bad situation. If you crash in a car, obviously you’re a little more protected because you’re literally boxed in. If you crash on a motorcycle, well all bets are off because you’re gonna go flyin!!

This video is wild. We see a motorcycle driver just cruising along minding his own business but apparently he wasn’t paying attention to the road which is obviously the #1 thing you need to be doing while operating any type of vehicle. The truck in front of the motorcycle driver suddenly stops because traffic looked like it came to a slow down. The motorcycle driver then plows into the back of the truck, flipping over frontwards and lands in the back of the truck bed! Whoa that looked like it hurt! The motorcycle driver however looked like he was ok! What do you think about this crazy crash? Let us know in the comments!