This Cruise Ship Is Basically A Theme Park On A Boat – Has A Go-Kart Racetrack Too!

Most people like theme parks because, well they’re awesome of course! Who doesn’t like roller coasters, water slides and go-karts?! Well if you like theme parks AND cruises, you’ll like this story. Imagine going on a cruise ship that not only has an AWESOME go-kart racetrack but also waterslides and laser tag?! Now if the last two things don’t interest you, we’re sure the go-karting in the middle of the ocean will! That just sounds like a ton of fun and definitely has a “Mario Kart” vibe to it! Very cool!

This huge cruise ship is called “Norwegian Bliss” and is scheduled to be completed by spring of 2018, sailing from destinations such as Alaska and the Caribbean. Honestly though, we’re surprised someone hasn’t actually made something like this before now but it’s probably safe to assume this costs a massive amount of money and nobody could afford to make it until now. Hopefully though this ship is actually affordable when it finally makes its debut because riding go-karts out at sea just sounds really awesome and super fun! What do you think about it? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think!