This Could Be The Humvees Replacement

As far as armed forces vehicles go, the Humvee is by far the most iconic. They started designing them in the late ‘70s and have been used at home and across the world ever since. They’re used for a wide range of things from a troop carrier to an ambulance to hauling artillery. But this new vehicle by Oshkosh may soon take its place…

It’s known as the L-ATV (Lat-Vee). It’s a bigger, beefier version of the Humvee. The truck is a mix between the lightweight and functional Humvee and a more heavy-duty truck that’s made to survive bomb blasts in order to get troops through dangerous terrain. The L-ATV will have more speed, which means more mobility while still being able to cross rough terrain.

The downside is it weighs 3 times more than the original Humvees, which is quite a bit, but you get more protection. Oshkosh plans to build 17,000 vehicles over the next few years with the production growing to up to 49,000 vehicles as the Army looks to replace current service vehicles. Think the new truck is an upgrade?