This Case Of Opposite Road Rage Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

This has to be the nicest outcome you can come up with in a situation like this. When a motorcyclist is cruising down the road and an SUV pulls out in front of him, you expect for some serious road rage to occur as the bike stops and turns around to head back toward the SUV. It’s not shown how fast the bike was going or if the SUV really did pull out in front of him being in the wrong, so we’re not certain exactly who’s at fault.

Regardless, it’s the interaction that follows that’s what matters. The motorcyclist stops a few feet away from the SUV where the driver is getting out by now. When the SUV driver gets over to the motorcyclist he asks him (genuinely) if he’s okay. He apologizes several times to which the motorcyclist accepts and admits he might have been going too fast and that he was sorry as well. That’s right. A double apology. No flying fists or curse words involved. We have to say it definitely restores a little faith in humanity after the endless stream of hateful and angry road rage videos out there. And no, these guys are not from Canada. Close though, Minnesota.