This Buggy Goes Into Full Submarine Mode

Buggy’s are awesome because anything all-terrain is awesome! When you think of a buggy vehicle you usually think of a dune buggy driving through the desert or a buggy doing some wild off roading through the woods somewhere. Something you don’t really think about when you think about a buggy is one driving underwater. A buggy isn’t a submarine, so naturally it wouldn’t be right to think about one driving underwater right? Well, apparently there are some out there that can drive underwater just fine like the one seen in this video.

This video is funny because it starts off so normal but gets pretty crazy real quick. You see a blue buggy driving alongside a lake or creek somewhere. The buggy drives straight into the water and it doesn’t just drive through the water, it literally goes UNDERWATER. The guys riding in the buggy go underwater at some points and attempt to propel the buggy with their arms. Amazingly the buggy eventually makes it through its underwater adventure and makes it out just fine! Whoa!

Talk about going into submarine mode. This thing is like a James Bond vehicle or something. What do you think about this craziness? Let us know in the comments!