This Bill Would Make Protesters Obstructing Emergency Vehicles A Felony

There have been more instances of people protesting in the streets over the last few years. In turn, there have been more laws around these protests being passed.

The latest protest-related bill comes out of Texas after the the Senate passed House Bill 9. The bill would make it a felony for people who knowingly obstruct an emergency vehicle that has its lights flashing and sirens turned on. In addition, people could face felony charges for obstructing the entrance of a hospital.  The Texas House passed the bill 90-55.

Several states have passed bills which grant criminal immunity for drivers who “unintentionally” drive their vehicles into protesters. This essentially protects drivers from criminal prosecution IF they can prove they “exercised due caution” somehow while driving a vehicle through a sea of people.

The newest bill will protect others uninvolved in protests who may need medical assistance or law enforcement that would be inhibited by emergency vehicles blocked by protesters.

Other laws regarding protests include a bill would make it illegal to throw something at someone during a protest as well as illegal to harass someone who isn’t taking part in the protest.

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