These Polaris Stunts Are Pretty Insane

This video called XP1K, which is named after the Polaris XP series and features racing driver RJ Anderson is pretty awesome. Anderson is seen driving a Polaris RZR XP TURBO EPS, which features a 925-cc turbocharged two-cylinder engine making 168 horsepower and also with modified suspension, bigger velocity stacks and 30-inch tires. This setup helps Anderson perform all the crazy stunts seen in this video, according to AutoBlog.

The craziest of all of the stunts, however, can be seen at the end of the video. Anderson can be seen driving through something called a “Wall of Death” which is essentially a giant barrel and it’s awesome! The greatest stunt comes at the finale where Anderson performs a backflip that was 30 feet in the air. Now that’s insane!