These 15 RC Trucks Can Tow An Actual Toyota Pickup

You can do a lot more with a remote-control car than you can in a real car, which is what makes them so fun. Even if it's just jumping them off ramps or through obstacle courses you've rigged up, it's a decent way to spend an afternoon - even if it is just a plastic car. However, if you have enough of them they might just be able to pull off a pretty impressive feat. Like this video shows you.

Tamiya put together an ad for its top-of-the-line Hilux RC truck back in the 1980s. It came complete with 4WD and a low range gear. The video showed that when working together the RC trucks had enough power to tow a life-size Toyota they similar to the trucks they were modeled after. It sold them pretty well back in the day so now Toyota and Tamiya are at it again to see if the new Hilux models can show the same power!

They used 15 1:10 scale Hilux RC cars all hitched to a new, full-size Hilux. The RC trucks had a rough start with some tire slippage but they're able to get the rig rolling, slowly but surely. They did add a modification to the RC pickups: two 500-gram weights in each truck for added traction but that was the only change made. They actually get the full-size Hilux going at a decent pace which is pretty impressive!

We know this video is clearly an advertisement for the Hilux (and its RC siblings) but you can't tell us it wasn't worth watching.

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