There’s A Reason Semis Have ‘Wide Right Turn’ Warnings On Them

Usually, in the videos we see it’s the truck drivers that get a bad rap for things that aren’t their fault. The majority of drivers don’t take into consideration just how challenging driving a truck around other cars can be. People do thins such as other drivers in regular cars doing stupid things that cause crashes. Kind of like this one.

On every semi we’ve ever seen, there’s that label “Makes Wide Right Turns” or something to that effect slapped on the back right where other drivers can see. But it never fails that a driver inevitably tries to pass an eighteen wheeler on the right when they’re turning. And as usual, the truck wins and the regular driver is often upset even though the situation was their fault to begin with. Usually, the truck driver will swing out wide to the left when making a right turn to make room for the trailer to make the turn. This isn’t to make room for you to squeeze by and get ahead of the semi that’s you dread being behind. However, you’d be surprised how many drivers see this as their opportunity to sneak past the truck on the right. This then often ends up with the regular driver being caught underneath the trailer and both drivers being unhappy.

The moral of the story is to just be patient and wait until the truck driver has made his turn before passing. There’s nothing that important worth being caught under the bottom of a semi for. Trucker drivers out there, do you have any stories like this? Any words of wisdom to drivers out there you want them to hear?