There Are Actually Still 12 Lexus LFAs Still Left For Sale In The U.S.

Lexus built a total of 500 LFAs worldwide and only 178 made it to America. They were pretty pricey and unsurprisingly production stopped in 2012 but did Lexus ever sell all of them?

Nope. Autoblog did some digging and found that Lexus actually sold 6 LFAs last year and one again this year. In addition, a Toyota spokesperson told them that there are currently 12 LFAs in the United States that are classified as “dealer inventory”. It’s been 5 years since the end of production and there are still cars on the lot, which means that LFA sales most likely aren’t a high priority. And the cars aren’t listed anywhere, you will only find used ones in a search. So this leads to the question of who would be able to get their hands on a brand-new 2012 LFA and how much would it cost?

This week Katie’s guest is 11-year-old Chase Johnson and his 300 horsepower Pro Mod Camaro. Chase and his dad will share how he started racing Go Karts at the age of 5. He moved into Quarter Midgets and won 33 wins last year alone! Now he’s moved up to the Pro Mod division and at the time we taped this story, he had already placed in the top 3. It’s an amazing story you have to see this weekend on PowerNation.