The Most Satisfying Near Miss Between A Truck And A Train

There’s a truck. And a train. And one very close call. While the truck is turning near where the train will be, the train approaches the truck, which is turning in the same space that the train will could potentially also be occupying.

And since the truck has the ability to turn unlike the train, this one is on the truck driver. And, spoiler alert, they manage to pull it off just in time.

The description from the original poster gives this information:
“A 53′ delivery truck in Ashland is oblivious to approaching Amtrak #94, which is thrown into emergency by the possible collision. The only contact appears to be with the Amtrak mirror. The driver does not stop and even rolls the stop sign as he turns right to leave. The Amtrak remains in emergency for 5 minutes while the train is inspected and then proceeds to pick up the waiting passengers.”

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