The Ford GT’s Lap record At VIR Has Been Crushed By The 2019 Corvette ZR1

It wasn’t long ago that Ford held the record at Virginia International Raceway’s Grand Course West for production cars. The GT held the title until today when the new Corvette ZR1 ran a blistering new lap time. A staggering 1.37 seconds quicker than the Ford GT’s time and makes the ZR1 the fastest production vehicle to ever lap the course.

Chevrolet just announced that it was able to lap a 2019 ZR1 equipped with the optional eight-speed auto and ZTK performance package around VIR in 2:37.25. And the impressive part is that aside from a harness bar and five-point harnesses, the ZR1 used was totally stock. The $2,995 ZTK package gives the car features such as an adjustable carbon fiber wing, a front splitter, and track-ready magnetic ride control.

The lap was set earlier in January leading up to the car’s production. Both Chevy and Ford claim they were trying to set validation for their cars and NOT achieve a record, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

A fun fact about the lap: Chevy’s driver was vehicle dynamics engineer Jim Mero. He is known for his excellence on the Nurburgring with Chevy cars, so this was probably a breeze.

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