The Bugatti Chiron Can’t Hit Its Top Speed Because There’s No Tires That Can Withstand It

Although the Bugatti Chiron’s top speed is 261mph and that’s with the limiter on it. Who knows what the actual top speed is? According to Popular Mechanics, the speedometer tops out at 310 mph. But with no tires on the market today being able to handle that speed, we’ll never know if the Chiron is actually capable of that.

Bugatti test driver, Andy Wallace said that no production tire as of now could handle forces that are generated at 300+mph. Michelin comes the closest and is reportedly developing a tire for the Chiron. So what do you think it’s capable of if it gets the tires it needs?

This week Katie welcomes Rislone spokesperson and reality TV star Bobby Janiec as they present to you the Rislone RS700 Mustang that you can enter to win. Built by Engine Power, this Pony makes over 700 horsepower at the crankshaft, with the help of a Pro Charger Stage Two kit.

Bobby will explain how this Mustang comes with Rislone’s new Nano Prime fully synthetic high-performance engine and oil treatment. Pat Topolinski will drop by to talk about the build too. The contest is open now so sign up.

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