The Bollinger B1 Has A Long Waiting List And New Off-Road Video

We did a story on it when Bollinger Motors first unveiled its B1 all-electric sport utility truck a few months ago. And according to AutoBlog, the company reports that’s enough time to rack up over 10,000 reservations for the truck and release a video of the B1 in off-road testing.

Bollinger Motor began in 2014 and the B1 is its first product that will be featured at the SEMA show in Las Vegas next month. The reservations aren’t binding, and Bollinger hasn’t announced official pricing on the B1 yet but the response indicates a lot of interest. Price pending, would you be interested?

Make sure you tune into this week’s PowerNation as all four shops have real world practical tech you can use, plus Katie will feature one red hot gorgeous custom ’54 Vette that was a 2017 Ridler Great 8 award winner. Owner-builder Larry Griffey of Larry Griffey’s Hot Rods & Restorations will share his vision of the “motor-rama” Corvette he thought GM should have built.

In a 6 year labor of love, he did lots of body modifications to get the stance he wanted and dropped in an LS-1 with an Edelbrock supercharger making around 580 horsepower. That striking color is a three-stage Matrix paint called “Soul Red”. Pro Auto Interiors handled the interior and it is, of course, Great 8 quality. He named it “Transitions” because of all the changes it’s been thought. By the way, this is Larry’s 2nd Ridler Great 8 award winner, amazing work for a small Knoxville, Tennessee shop!