Tesla Owner’s New Model Y Turned Into A Convertible On Drive Home From Dealer

Usually, the dealership will tell you about all the included features of a vehicle. However, not even the dealer could see this problem coming.

Nathaniel took to Twitter to post a video of his brand new Tesla Model Y after it became a convertible when it definitely was not supposed to. The roof literally flew off the body of the car.

In a Reddit thread, Nathaniel notes the Tesla belongs to his dad and he was along for the inaugural ride home when things went south.

“Everything was going fine and we were driving back home when we started to hear a ton of wind. I thought maybe a window was open but a minute later the entire glass roof just blew off. After a brief panic we turned around and drove the new Tesla convertible back to the dealership.”

The dad and son duo called highway patrol to tell them that there was a car roof somewhere on the 580 on their way back to the dealership. When speaking to the manager, they were told either the seal for the roof was faulty or the factory just forgot to seal the roof. You read that right…FORGOT to seal the ROOF. Seems like a pretty important detail.

As we all know, this isn’t the first time Tesla owners have had quality issues. Earlier this year there were reports of Model X’s taking on water. Tesla owners out there: have you had any major issues? If so, let us know in the comments.

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