SUV Randomly Plows Into Semi Truck On Interstate

The crash in this video occurs at about 1:35.

In a world full of crazy drivers, dash cams are becoming more and more prevalent to show who exactly who is at fault during an accident. As dash cams become cheaper, a lot more people have installed them onto their dashboards in their vehicles. Since so many of these dashcams are out there, there are a ton of car accident videos being uploaded everyday! Considering the interstate is just straight wild and crazy a lot of the time, it’s no surprise that most of these accidents take place on interstates. When the speed limit is between 70-80MPH or so like on the interstate, it leaves the door open for wrecks and accidents that are way more serious than just driving through the city at lower speeds.

Whatever exactly went wrong in this video is unknown but it appears that the SUV driver wasn’t paying attention and swerved directly into the semi truck, causing an insane crash! Thankfully both drivers involved looked to be ok as the accident wasn’t TOO bad but it still looked pretty scary for everyone involved. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments if you have any thoughts or opinions!

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