SUV Brake Checks A Semi Truck For Absolutely No Reason

Road rage unfortunately comes with the territory of deciding to drive on the interstate. It seems like there’s always some person that can’t handle their emotions and decides to brake check cars (or semi trucks) for the littlest things! These people honestly don’t need to be out on the road at all considering they’re putting other people in danger by brake checking them.

In this video a semi truck driver is driving down the interstate somewhere. An SUV soon passes in front of the semi and decides to brake check him multiple times! This almost causes the semi truck to rear-end the SUV but the driver of the SUV apparently seems not to care at all. Why would anyone in their right mind brake check a semi truck? It weighs probably 8,000,000,000 times more than that little SUV! Some people out there are just reckless!

The driver of the SUV eventually drove away but it’s still unknown why the driver decided to brake check the semi truck to begin with. Luckily there was no accident with this case of road rage but it was still ridiculous. What do you think about this situation? Thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!

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