Semi Truck Goes AIRBORNE Over Highway!

In a world full of dash cams, it’s no wonder we see more and more wild crashes out there! As fast as people go, seeing crazy crashes on the interstate isn’t surprising at all. This is a super scary video, but it should be noted that the driver was OK after this insanity! This incident took place on Interstate 74 near Greensburg, IN a few years ago. It’s one of the craziest semi truck crashes out there on the internet!

The video starts off with a dash cam on what appears to be a semi truck driving down the highway. Suddenly a red semi truck carrying a trailer literally goes AIRBORNE right over the highway! The driver can be heard yelling in shock, because that’s definitely not something you see everyday! If the semi truck going airborne over the highway wasn’t enough, it THEN bursts into a HUGE fireball after it lands!! That definitely looks like something you’d see in a movie or a tv show, so much so that the video uploader decided to add some tv show music to multiple takes of the crash!

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