Runaway Garbage Truck Crashes Into Cars While Workers Chase After It!

Runaway cars can be a real problem. If you have a runaway truck, a garbage truck for that matter, now THAT’S definitely a real problem! You first have a large garbage truck that already weighs a lot but with the added weight from all of the garbage in the back, that is just a recipe for disaster. In this particular video somewhere in Pittsburgh, we first see a surveillance camera of a typical street. There’s a parked car out on the street so nothing looks too unusual right now.

Suddenly a massive garbage truck literally plows right into the parked car! The crazy thing is, the garbage truck ALREADY has a crashed car in front of it that it had obviously crashed into earlier and has been pushing it down the street. The garbage truck then crashes into some garbage cans on the side of the road. It then makes its way down the street where it probably crashed into some more cars.

Later in the video we see a garbage truck worker go chasing after the runaway truck and towards the end of the video we see another worker run also. This is crazy! A runaway garbage truck sounds like a dangerous situation!