Report: NASCAR Could Switch To Hybrids By 2022


Electric vehicles could be coming to NASCAR sooner than you think. It’s being reported that NASCAR could introduce hybrid-powered cars as early as 2022 according to the SVP for Racing Development John Probst.

“Nothing is fully confirmed until it hits the race track. That said, hybrid tech could certainly be in our cars by 2022, if all plans stay on track,” Probst said.

Although the plan is definitely still in development, the powertrains would be more focused on improving performance than fuel efficiency.

If and when they debut, the hybrid powertrains would be used initially only on road courses and short ovals to be able to have charging capabilities ready.

Probst added that it’s possible hybrids could be offered to drivers as a boost for strategic points of the race. Indycar is also planning to switch to hybrids in 2022 and has the same feature in mind.

NASCAR will wait until after its Next-Gen gas race car guidelines are released in 2021. “Trying to do it all at once would be overwhelming,” Probst said.

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