Ram TRX Owner Drowns Their Super Truck at Off-Road Park

Dodge Ram TRX | Stellantis

The morning finally arrives, you’re excited to bring your $90,000 super-truck to your favorite off-road park. The inner-child in you has woken up, and you remember all of the times you felt this excited for a day when you were younger. You make it to your final destination in your 702 horsepower off-road monster, ready to tear it up. Then, the water hits your lap, and you think to yourself, “maybe I shouldn’t have gone this far.”

A post found by The Drive from Facebook showed the super-truck of all super-trucks, the Ram TRX, completely submerged in water at an off-road park in Texas. The truck, known for its massive jumps and other crazy extracurricular activities, should be keen at water crossings with its 32-inch fording depth, leading you to wonder what went wrong with this one.

In the photos, not much context is given on how the driver achieved this outcome. The windows aren’t submerged, and neither is the high-mount intake, meaning the engine shouldn’t be hydro-locked. The issue is that the truck is dealing with how we feel when we wake up in the morning – stuck in the mud. Its massive curb weight and bed full of water certainly aren’t helping its cause.The two primary issues that it comes down to are driver skill and weight.

The Drive discovered that body of water in question is Xtreme Off-Road Park in Crosby, Texas. There’s a video of a Polaris in the comment section of Xtreme Off-Road park clearing the crossing without issue. You’d think this hefty off-road machine would be capable of the same, but with the soggy and soft mud, its strengths are turned into weaknesses. At a hefty 6,400 pounds, before it took on water and sinking the tires into the mud, it makes sense why it got stuck, especially if you’re an inexperienced driver.

We’re hoping the cabin didn’t fill with water, and there wasn’t any real damage aside from mud stuck up from the undercarriage. At $90,000, it’s going to be hard to explain to your insurance company that your off-road vehicle couldn’t, well, handle the off-road.

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