Ram TRX Has Enough Horsepower to Fly – Literally

Ram TRX | Photo Credit: YouTube Street Speed 717

TRX is not an acronym for “trashed,” although YouTuber Street Speed 717 made a solid case for what he did to his. The all-new Ram 1500 TRX with 702-horsepower sold out three hours after it launched, and some owners are literally launching theirs a few days after they arrived in the driveway. Ram promised unrivaled performance, but we’re not sure if the warranty covers flight.

We all have that buddy whose pavement princess gets washed once a week sits in a garage, and has no dents or scratches. Although they look nice, that’s not their intended purpose. Even though jumping your $90,000 truck and demolishing it is a bit extreme, at least it’s not wasting away in a garage.

With a 702 horsepower race engine, the dirt is Ram’s natural habitat. Street Speed 717 on YouTube has been showing off his new high-powered Ram for the past week. He utilized the horsepower and raced it against a Lamborghini SUV, then followed it up a week later with an off-road video.

The YouTuber seemed to have second thoughts when he approached the ramp that his friends used as a launchpad. The last time they used it was for a Ford Raptor, which took a beating. The crew had jumped a Hummer in the past without issue, so apparently, they felt the TRX would be fine?

We watched a video recently where a Ram TRX raced a Shelby Super Snake Sport. Although the results speak for themselves, we knew if it was off-road that the TRX would shine. With its stock Bilstein suspension and 35-inch Goodyear all-terrains, launching and landing a 6,400-pound truck shouldn’t be an issue. Yeah – wishful thinking.

Ram TRX | Photo Credit: YouTube Street Speed 717

Based on the video, it’s hard to estimate how high he managed to fly, but the TRX soared past where the Raptor landed weeks before and landed on its front-passenger wheel.

Upon landing, the force from the front-end transferred to the rear, causing a wheelie. At that point, the damage was done. The front bumper was caked with grass, mud and was caved in toward the frame. The back glass was also totally busted out.

Ram TRX | Photo Credit: YouTube Street Speed 717

After the dramatic landing, it appears to drive off without issue. Still, it’s not plausible that type of abuse is sustainable over the long-term, but it’s convincing enough to prove these things are built pretty solid.

If you’re fortunate enough to own one of these monstrous trucks, are you taking it off-road, or is it getting polished for car shows and sitting in the garage? Let us know!

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