2020 Shelby Ford F-150 Super Snake Sport Drag Races Ram TRX – Who Shed Tears?

Shelby Ford F-150 Super Snake Sport Vs. Dodge Ram TRX | Photo Credit: Throttle House

Place your bets – ready, set, go! If you’re not busy in the garage building your truck, you’re probably on YouTube watching drag races. At least that’s what we’re doing, which leads us to the age-old question- Ford Vs. Dodge – who will reign superior in this matchup for the ages?

In the latest rendition of the Ford Vs. Dodge debate, the two automakers both assembled these trucks with one thing in mind – awesomeness. With that said, we’ll take either one in any color, please. Practicality? Who cares about that. No matter what side of the spectrum you identify with, these are both cool trucks, but there can only be one drag race winner.

Shelby Ford F-150 Super Snake Sport

“The only thing better than cubic inches is cubic horsepower,” Carroll Shelby often said. He was an early pioneer in high-performance street trucks, and with sky high demand for this type of vehicle, fans of the classic F-150 Lightning are delighted by the Super Snake.

The two-door Shelby F-150 Super Snake Sport boasts up to 770-horsepower, and the super truck does 0-60 mph in a gravity-defying 3.45 seconds. It can also reach 100 mph in 8.3 seconds. At a certain point, you have to stop and think to yourself – how does something of this size defy the laws of physics?

The supercharged 5.0L V-8 is paired with a Shelby-specific lowered suspension, a new brake system, and custom wheels. The exterior has a more menacing look as well, while the interior remains, well, somewhat bland. What makes the truck unique is the fact that only 250 were built for the United States and Canada.

If you’re looking to purchase one, it might be time to take a mortgage out on your house – or even sell it and live in the thing full-time. The Shelby F-150 Super Snake Sport starts at $93,385. If it makes you feel any better, it comes with a three year/36,000-mile warranty.


Despite being a four-door monster on wheels, the TRX does possess some advantages over its two-door competition. To keep the traction, the Ram TRX has a full-time four-wheel drive and Launch Control. It is the first Ram to be equipped with this Launch Assist technology, designed to regulate engine RPM and monitor wheel slip to achieve the fastest acceleration rate.

The 6.2L V-8 supercharged Hemi delivers 702-horsepower and 650-pound-feet of torque, and achieves 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds, a full second shorter than the Shelby Super Snake Sport. The powerful twin-screw supercharger regulates boost pressure up to an impressive 11.0 psi.

One glaring difference is the Ram TRXs’ ground clearance at 11.8 inches, meaning it will win the off-road battle. It’s also more luxurious inside, but does that matter in a work truck? Lastly, it has eight drive modes, including valet, just in case you don’t want a new take on the Ferris Bueller movie a few decades later. If you want to purchase the Launch Edition, it will set you back an estimated $90,625,

Enough Specs – More Race Details

To appreciate the race results, it’s vital to know what each truck is packing. The first race between the Super Snake Sport and the TRX was close – the TRXs’ superior launch control proved effective off the line. It held about a half car length lead for several seconds, but the Super Snake Sport overcame that distance for the eventual overtake.

The next race was from an undetermined speed roll – the smaller size and extra horsepower from the Super Snake Sport proved to be the victor and won by a full car length. The TRX showed flashes of its size with smoking brakes after the race came to a halt.

The TRX has less horsepower, more doors, and a higher clearance from the ground, but it performed very well in a drag race. However, it can’t compete with the freight train Ford with a blower in a straight line.

Ford F-150 Super Snake Sport Crosses Finish Line Before Ram TRX | Photo Credit: Throttle House

Super Snake Sport Vs. Ram TRX: Which is Better?

Being in control of a 700-horsepower truck is a win, no matter the brand. As we always say, it really is a matter of preference, and it’s no different with these two. The Ford F-150 Super Snake Sport is capable of doing much less than the TRX. If this was a drag race off-road, the Ram would be the clear winner.

Ram TRX Baja Mode | Photo Credit: Throttle House

The Ford F-150 is more of a collector’s item because only a small amount will be available in the United States. It’ll hold more value for this reason, while Ram TRX will produce 702 in the United States and 100 more in Canada. Although it’s not a lot, it’s far less than the Super Snake Sport. At the end of the day, let’s just enjoy these for what they are – physics-defying superhero tanks.

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