Ram For Sale, Teslaquila, Bondurant Has Closed, Spaceballs RV At Auction, New Toyota For Hero, And Fast Fails

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• Truck Tech’s Ram 3500 Is For Sale
• Mexico’s Tequila Industry Is Not Happy With Elon Musk’s “Tesla-quila”
• The Bondurant School Of Racing Has Officially Closed Its Doors
• The Legendary RV Model From Iconic ‘80s Movie “Spaceballs” Is Going To Auction
• Nurse Who Used His Tundra To Help Wildfire Victims Escape Is Getting A Replacement From Toyota
•And Fast Fails: Towing Edition

RAM For Sale
The 2016 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually from this season of Truck Tech is now up for grabs through Streetside Classics in Nashville. You can pick up this bad pickup for $38,995. This truck features a 6.7L I6 Turbo Diesel, a 6-speed automatic transmission, and has actual 178,561 miles. You can see more of this Dodge truck on episodes of Truck Tech!

He’s back. Elon Musk is branching his brand out, yet again. The Tesla CEO has a new brand of tequila creatively named, Teslaquila. After positive feedback from the Tesla community, Musk decided to look into production. Which is where he ran into problems. Tequila is a famously Mexican drink and Mexico’s Tequila Regulatory Council doesn’t want Musk ruining the reputation of their beloved alcohol. The work Tequila is apparently a protected work which means Musk would have to follow a strict set of guidelines if his brand did, in fact, make it to production. The biggest concern is that to be branded officially as “tequila” the drink must be produced in one of 5 particular Mexican states. There is a conceptual label for the bottle and Tesla has even filed for patents in several countries. He’s not the only celebrity to get in on the tequila-making trend. Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake, and AC/DC are all owners of their own tequila brand. Do you think Teslaquila should join them?

Bondurant Update
After filing for bankruptcy last month, the Bondurant School of Racing was hopeful it would be able to stay open for business while it sorted out its financial situation. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Despite being in business for over fifty years with drivers such as Paul Newman and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. things have come to an end. The school reportedly owed between $1 and 10 million dollars.

Spaceballs RV
If you’re into sci-fi or ‘80s movies, you’ve seen the legendary Mel Brooks film “Spaceballs”. The Winnebago piloted by John Candy and Bill Pullman in the film was an actual RV but the 1/12 model that was used for special effects scenes is what’s up for auction on December 11th. The model was reportedly auctioned back in 2017 for a price of $28,800 and now is expected to go for about half that. So if you’re a sci-fi, Mel Brooks or 80s movie fan check this out!

New Toyota Tundra
This is a good story coming from a lot of devastating news the last week out of California. The raging wildfires continue to force people to evacuate. And thankfully there are people like Allyn Pierce who help those who can’t leave on their own. Pierce is a nurse from Paradise, California who couldn’t leave patients behind. He hopped in his Toyota Tundra and drove through the fires to get to the hospital and load in patients to get them evacuated. Based on Pierce’s Instagram, he put a lot of time and money into his truck. And Toyota heard his story and commented on his page that they want to replace the scorched and melted Tundra with a new one. Way to go, Allyn and Toyota.

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