Potentially Airborne Tonneau Covers Causes Toyota to Recall 130k Tundras

Automakers typically issue recalls due to current or potential safety concerns, and the thought of possible road debris flying off the bed of a truck is no exception.

Why Is Toyota Recalling 130,000 Tundra Pickup Trucks?

Toyota announced that they issued a recall for 130,000 2022 and 2023 full-size Tundra pickup trucks (gas and hybrid models) involving a hard shell tonneau cover that could potentially unhinge itself from the truck bed’s attachment joints while the vehicle is in motion. Should the cover come loose, this would pose a very serious safety hazard for other drivers, as well as cause additional damage to the truck itself.

The automaker’s tonneau cover, which is a hardcover with a trifold layout, has its own self-latching system that allows owners easy installation to the truck’s bed. However, the main concern sparking the recall is its attachment joints that are hastened to the side rails of the truck. Whether or not aftermarket tonneau covers are affected by this recall is unknown.

How Does Toyota Plan on Fixing The Issue with the Tundra’s Tonneau Covers?

Toyota’s immediate fix to this issue is to simply remove the tonneau cover until they develop a long-term solution that would allow owners to use the accessory offered by the automaker. Owners can expect recall letters to be sent in the mail starting on March 31st, 2023.

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