Porsche Crashes Into Barrier, Loses Wheels and Flies Into Canal! TERRIBLE Crash!

There are a lot of bad crashes out there, especially during race events. When you’re going at such a high speed during these races, just one tiny mistake could cause a horrific accident like the one seen in this video. Thankfully racers are always prepared for stuff like this and install proper roll cages and other protective equipment to help minimize the damage from such an impact.

It’s not clear what exactly went wrong in this video other than the Porsche didn’t turn in time and tried to brake instead of turning, which caused an absolutely terrible collision with the barrier. This crash just keeps getting worse and worse because as soon as the Porsche hits the barrier, it goes flying through the air losing its wheels and then FLIPPING, landing directly in the canal below! Talk about a terrible crash!! It’s one thing to just crash into a barrier during a race but it’s another thing when you lose your wheels and then flip and land in water! That’s definitely one of the worst Porsche crashes we’ve seen!

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