Police Tow F-150 Raptor Parked Blocking EV Chargers

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, ICEholes, or drivers of internal-combustion-engine vehicles who intentionally block access to charging stations, are a new thing.

And apparently, police officers worldwide aren’t hesitant to tow those in the was of EVs. Officers in Berlin, Germany decided the driver of a Ford F-150 Raptor who parked their pickup in front of an EV charging station needed to go. So they brought in a crane and a flatbed truck and took it away to an impound lot.

From the department’s Tweet you can see the Ford Raptor parked diagonally across two spaces specifically marked for electric vehicles (EVs). So while ICE-vehicle drivers usually don’t see an issue with it you can argue it’d be the same as someone parking at a gas pump while others are full. So let the argument begin, is towing too far? Does a ticket suffice? Or politely asking the driver (if present) to move? Let us know!

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