Colorado Is Looking To Ticket Drivers Illegally Parked In Electric Car Spots

“ICEholes”, or drivers of internal-combustion-engine vehicles who intentionally block access to charging stations, are causing an issue for drivers of electric vehicles. Colorado is one of the top states for EV sales in the country, and that’s bringing this discussion to the surface. Drivers of non-electric vehicles are parking (and leaving) their vehicles in the limited spaces designated for EV charging. That’s a problem for someone running out of charge who has nowhere else to go.

It’s possible the ICE drivers didn’t see the EV-only/no-parking signs or the massive chargers. Or maybe they couldn’t find a spot closer to the hotel’s entrance so they parked in the charging stalls. Or maybe they parked there on purpose. No matter what the situation, it doesn’t end well for the EV driver. Imagine pulling up to a gas station to have no pumps available and you’re running on fumes – what do you do?

So Colorado is hoping to reinforce the no parking signs with HB19-1298 by enforcing a $150 fine for violators. The law would define a violator as someone:

– Parking in the space if the vehicle is not an electric vehicle; and
– Using the dedicated charging station for parking if the electric vehicle is not charging.

Do you think that’s enough to discourage people or is it too much for a relatively small issue?

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