Police Led To Semi Full Of Stolen Cars By GPS Tracker

Michigan State Police

Ahhh, technology. It’s what led Michigan police to a truck loaded full of stolen vehicles.

Officers say a GPS tracker led them to the moving truck full of stolen vehicles, some of which were patrol cars. In addition, there was about $10,000 cash in the truck’s cab.

Michigan State Police

After receiving a 911 call from someone reporting their call stolen on October 21 the owner proceeded to tell officers the vehicle was equipped with a GPS tracker. The owner accessed the GPS coordinates and told officers their stolen car was moving on a freeway near Van Buren Township. Police jumped into action to intercept it.

After getting to the location, officers realized the stolen car wasn’t actually being driven. Intead, it was parked on a commercial car hauler which was being towed by a semi. So officers stopped the truck, examined the load, and discovered that at least three other cars had been declared stolen by various police departments. Included vehicles were a 2020 Dodge Charger stolen from the Warren Police Department, a 2018 Charger taken from the Southfield Police Department, and a 2017 Charger that belongs to the Detroit Police Department.

The driver told officers he had just bought the trailer but it’s still unclear if it “came” with the stolen cars. He said he planned one more stop to pickup another car before continuing his trip. Officers are still trying to figure out how the cars ended up on the trailer, or where they were going.

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