Pick A Side: Noisy 847 HP Chevy Nova Driver Or Annoyed Neighbor

Who’s in the wrong here? The owner and driver of the noisy Nova of the complaining neighbor? The internet is divided.

This is far from the first argument over a noise issue in a neighborhood. But this one does have people picking sides. Any gearhead will tell you nothing beats a low rumble or the smell of gas. On the other hand, non-gearheads will tell you the irritation of those sounds and smells when they’re trying to sleep or do other activities.

In this particular case, the doorbell camera of the Nova owner, Michael Markus, catches the conversation between him and his neighbor. You can see the woman walk up to Markus’ front door and start chatting about his ’65 Nova II Super Sport and how it rattles the windows of her house while it’s running.

Markus gets defensive of his ride and things start going downhill. Essentially, the woman is saying that driving/owning a car with an excessively loud exhaust is being a bad neighbor. Markus is of the opinion of “It’s my car and I’ll do what I want.”

And while we are first in line to love a classic car, Markus doesn’t exactly make solid points in the rebuttal. He responds to the woman’s request with a blunt, “It’s gonna be like that every time I come in and out… What do you want me to do, blow up the car? Throw it away? I just paid $40,000 for the car. What do you want me to do with the car?”. And followed that up by saying even his wife is irritated by the window rattle. So we can see her side of things if the car is really that loud.

Regardless, we aren’t sure what line of events led up to this or how long this has been going on between the two. Stay tuned to see if there’s any update on the two parties resolving the issue.

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