People Are Using Ubers Instead Of Ambulances

Technology and new services available have mostly been a positive thing. But Inside Edition found one way that it may be hurting people. With rideshare services like Uber, people are skipping taking ambulances to the hospital and are calling for a car instead. It’s cheaper and usually quicker, but is it the best idea?

Especially in populated cities like New York, people have gotten in the habit of calling an Uber for a trip to the ER where it can pick them up in 5 minutes and cost a fraction of the amount an ambulance would. But Uber drivers aren’t always excited about this, considering the amount of pressure it adds not to mention the mess that could get left behind in their cars. A Lennox Hill Hospital also said that it’s not the best idea considering Ubers don’t have things like IVs and paramedics. What are your thoughts?

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