Passing Truck Knocks Worker In Cherry Picker From Bucket

This video is causing debate across the internet: who’s in the wrong…the truck driver or the workers in/operating the cherry picker?

An incredible video from Fort Bend County in Texas shows a man getting hit by a truck while hoisted in a bucket above a busy highway to work on a traffic signal last month.

Thanks to Andrew Wolf, who had his dashcam recording, the incident was captured and boy was it a close call. The video shows a truck to the left of Wolf traveling around 50 mph when it hit a worker, who was up in a bucket attempting to work on the traffic light.

The impact sent the man flying upside down but luckily was held dangling in his safety harness for about 30 seconds before the rest of the crew lowered him down. While the road wasn’t blocked off and the truck wasn’t protecting anybody, he was smart enough to put on a harness and helmet which saved his life and thankfully, only left him shaking. So what do you say, who’s at fault?

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