Passengers Panic As Double Decker Bus Plows Through Cars

It’s pretty impressive – and good news – that only two people walked away from this with minor injuries after this strange scene. A pedestrian caught the moment where a red iconic London bus plowed into cars meanwhile the passengers on board were yelling hoping to get the driver to stop. The number 254 bus was driving in London when it drove into the back of a small SUV, seemingly on purpose, or at least with the driver unable to stop. That caused the SUV to slam into at least two other cars.

According to Jalopnik, it’s not known yet why the bus driver failed to stop, or why he kept driving after the initial impact with the SUV. One would think unless it was a medical emergency or a mechanical failure, with a bus full of people screaming at you (and we have to imagine people on the street as well) you would realize something’s wrong.

Of course, damage to the bus was much more minimal than that to the BMW and Audi, which both seem pretty banged up. It leads you to believe this was some sort of freak accident because you can see a passenger consoling the shaken up bus driver. Police are investigating the incident but so there’s been no reported arrests so far.