Owner Waits For First Snow To Break In His New Lamborghini

If you had just bought a half-million dollars, 740 hp Lamborghini Aventador S that breaks the 0-60mph mark in 2.9 seconds, what would you do? Or where would you take it? Sidenote: its top speed is 217mph.

Probably break it in on an open road or take it somewhere people can admire it. Are we close? Well, this guy had a different idea, and we don’t hate it. He bought the car, took it home and put it in his garage until the first snowfall. How he managed to just let it sit there we have no idea. Keep in mind, this is when other luxury and exotic car owners are hiding their cars from the winter weather. But this is exactly the weather this guy was waiting for to take the Aventador on its maiden drive. His first stop? A parking lot with enough snow to do some drifting and spinning enough that flames shooting out of the exhaust. We like his style!