Own Sylvester Stallone’s Head-Turning Stretch Cadillac Escalade

Becker Automotive Design

Looking for a new ride and have $350,000 to spare? You can take Sylvester Stallone’s custom stretched Caddy off his hands.


Becker Automotive Design built the luxury SUV, which resembles the 2018 Escalade owned by NFL star Tom Brady. Stallone is selling the stretched Escalade that he purchased for $409,000 to fulfill a “specific purpose” and now no longer needs.


The interior of this vehicle leaves nothing left to want. The five-seat cabin includes two recliners, folding tables made from Japanese ash, a bar, a 43-inch TV, and “military spec” wireless Internet.

The 2019 Escalade has only 1,000 miles on it and has an asking price of $350,000. While Stallone didn’t comment on what his “specific purpose was”, there is an all-new Cadillac Escalade going on sale later this year so could he be looking to upgrade?

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