Officer And Lamborghini Owner Make Dreams Come True

Source: Dream comes true for young cancer survivor by TADMG on Rumble

We did a story on PowerNation Daily the other day about the Canadian officer that pulled over a Lamborghini driver and instead of writing them a ticket or even a warning, he talked cars with them and rode around the block in the supercar. And after posted the story, officer David McNab got in touch with us to tell us this:

“We got talking about charity and about making dreams come true. He ended up loaning me that Lamborghini a few weeks later for five days to make a dream come true for a young cancer survivor named Tom Garrett. Tom and I made a video about the experience to say thank you to “Ghostriderto” for his generosity. I would be ever so grateful if you could share this video for him.”

So, of course, we had to put up a follow-up video that tells the rest of the story. It’s so awesome seeing the automotive community come together and unite in order to make dreams happen for people. You can check out the original story on the officer and Ghost Rider below: