North Carolina Man Sends Police on a Low-Speed Chase in a Stolen Tractor

Normally when we hear about a police chase on the news, it’s on a highway with the suspect traveling at a dangerously high speed. But in the town of Boone, North Carolina, local police were faced with a fairly uncommon kind of pursuit.

According to the Boone Police Department, a stolen John Deere tractor was being operated by Ronnie Hicks, who Police Chief Andy Le Beau describes as “a person who we are very familiar with.” Authorities received a call about the tractor being irresponsibly driven in a parking lot attempting to hit pedestrians, and later striking several vehicles, a dumpster, and a church.

Despite topping out at a low speed, stopping the tractor while concerning the welfare of citizens and police officers was a bit harder than expected. Stop sticks were ineffective against the tractor’s durable tires, and Hicks eventually struck a Boone Police vehicle.

After one officer shot the tractor’s tires in an isolated area, Hicks eventually ran out of road. After fleeing the tractor, Hicks was in a brief standoff with police while wielding a knife. One officer implemented the use of a taser and Hicks was then brought into custody.

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