Nissan Debuts Its Altima-te AWD

If you thought “sedan” and “off-road” could never go together, think again. Nissan is making it happen with its new Altima-te AWD. Of course, not a production vehicle but cool all the same.

To promote the new Altima being available in AWD for the first time ever, Nissan created a one-off Altima for the Montreal auto show called the Altima-te AWD. This thing has heavy-duty snow tracks in place of the regular wheels and tires and “has the ability to conquer the harshest weather environment” thanks to the AWD. This is proof snow-tracks can make any vehicle look cool.

As far as specs go, the tracks are 48 inches long, 30 inches tall, and 15 inches wide. They increase the Altima-te’s total width by 14 inches compared to that of a regular Altima. Of course, with that much of an addition, you’ll need custom fenders. MIA (Motorsports in Action) says creating the fenders alone took 150+ hours of labor. The entire car required a whopping 250 hours.

The Altima-te will be on display at the Montreal auto show this month before making another appearance at the Toronto auto show.

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