Neighborhood Throws Birthday Party for Car That’s Sat on the Street for a Year


At least they have a sense of humor. These neighbors decided to make light of the abandoned car that someone left on their street for a year.

The silver VW Golf that was left on George Street in Shefford, U.K. since December 2019 has worn out its welcome. Honestly, we’re surprised they left it sit for that long without being towed. It hasn’t been for lack of effort though. Residents say they have reported the car several time to city council, the DVLA, and even to passing traffic officers, yet nothing was done.

Documentation of reports to authorities | SWNS

When the silver car had officially been parked in its same spot for a year, the neighborhood decided to at least make it exciting to look it by throwing the car a 1st birthday party. Who can blame them since one of the car’s tires is now flat and the inside has turned into a trash can of sorts with everything from old McDonald’s food to empty shampoo bottles hanging out inside.


The “party” consisted of covering the car in party decorations, happy birthday banners, balloons, and a white sheet taped across the windscreen reading “Happy one year!”.

The neighbors are hoping that while the stunt was a joke, they are seriously hoping it draws attention of local authorities or someone who will claim or remove the vehicle. At least they’re making light of a frustrating situation.

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